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The Colorado Seed Industry Association (CSIA) is dedicated to the enhancement and support of Colorado seed businesses. We work with the Colorado Legislature, Colorado Department of Agriculture, Colorado Seed Growers Association, and Colorado State University in representing the voice of the Seed Industry in issues that affect you and your enterprise. We also provide educational opportunities and serve as a source of information and feedback to our members. An Annual Meeting is held each year which provides a forum for making new acquaintances, renewing friendships, establishing business relationships, developing trade opportunities, and discussing issues affecting all involved in the Seed Industry.

We are the only recognized organization in the state of Colorado that represents the entire Seed Industry. We can better represent that assembly if we have input from its many participants. Join us and add to the base of professional seedsmen who are making a difference and defining the future of the Colorado Seed Industry!


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CSIA – Department of Soil & Crop Sci, CSU

Fort Collins, CO  80523-1170

 2018 CSIA Officers

Daryle Bennett, Granite Seed and Erosion Control, President

Stacy Yirak, Arkansas Valley Seed Company, 1st Vice President

Allen Smith, Applewood Seed Company, 2nd Vice President

Kristi Bott, Buffalo Brand Seed, Treasurer

Linda Munk, Colorado Seed Programs – CSU, Secretary

2018 Membership Letter and Form

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