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Individual Seed Courses

Seed Courses

SOCR 410 – Seed Processes: Seed Storage & Deterioration
SOCR 201 – Seed Development & Metabolism SOCR 413 – Seed Vigor Concepts and Testing
SOCR 300 – Seed Purity Analysis
SOCR 301 – Seed Germination & Viability
SOCR 380A2 – Seed Quality: Seed Production and Genetics


STEP Certificate Program in Seed Technology – This program is designed to prepare the student to become a seed analyst in a commercial, state, or federal seed laboratory. It consists of distance education learning and actual hands-on training. Scholarships are available for up to two students per year in this program.

National Seed Science and Technology Distance Education Program – The purpose of this coordinated National Certificate Program is to educate seed science and technology professionals to meet the growing needs of the seed industry in a wide range of positions.


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